Matiu Eru raised in Tūhoe taught Maori traditions in Kahungungu for 50 years 

Matiu was raised in Tūhoe but for 50 years has taught te reo Māori and culture in Ngāti Kahungunu. Matiu Eru (Tūhoe, Ngāti Kahungunu) reveals how his passion for things Maori guided his decisions.

Ngai Tuhoe
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Tuhoe Chef Joe McLeod

Presenting one's own TV show live on Maori Television is no easy feat. But you can watch the shows from  here, comment about the shows on our facebook page to tautoko our mahi to promote Tuhoe, tena tukua o korero ki konei kia maarama ai te nuinga ki o korero tautoko mo tenei panui

Click and play the show on the links above - enjoy

The Road to Whakarae

"The Road to Whakarae" an awesome whanau kaupapa recently put together by Filmmakers Tim Worrall and Aaron Smart. Part of a new Loading Docs initiative established by the New Zealand Film Commission and NZ On Air. It was a perfect opportunity to create a small project that celebrated the lighthearted a softer side of being Tūhoe, in contrast to the standard media representations of Tuhoe as being aggressive and isolationist.  A golden opportunity to upskill and train a Waimana film crew camera ready for any future project. (click the four arrows - full screen)


Ngai Tuhoe as they were forty years ago jumping into the Pakeha world in 1974

Ko na korero i hua mai i te tau tahi mano, iwa rau, whitu tekau ma wha mai Tuhoe ki Poneke, Tamaki haere tawhiti tonu ki te Ao maarama... Ko na whanau enei e korerohia ana ki o ratou hiahia haere ki na taone ki te kimi mahi, putea, whare hou, ki te whiwhi matauranga pakeha, ki te whai tohu me e ra mea... pai tera te titiro ki era o ratou i te haukainga tera wa... mauriora... 
A glimpse of Tuhoe Experience

Whanau from Te Rohe O Tuhoe sharing their stories and visions from home to whanau living around the world. View our leaders taking the lead building and preserving the very fabric of Ngai Tuhoe life from the home lands sharing stories of events that have grown into iconic occasions enjoyed by whanau who cannot be home but hopefully you can online

Tuhoe Ahurei
Home to one of New Zealand's biggest Maori Cultural Festivals

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